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Surah At-Tariq /The Night

Surah Tariq = The Night
Number of Surah (chapter) = 86
Number of Ayah (verses)= 17
Place of revelation = Macca

The Surah taken its name from the word at-tariq in its first verse.

This surah was sent down at a stage when the disbelievers of Makkah were employing all sorts of devices and plans to defeat and frustrate the message of the Qur'an and Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace and blessings).

The meaning of the Surah are:

  • Verses 1-4: Swearing by the Existence of Humanity surrounded by the Organized System of Allah

    وَالسَّمَاءِ وَالطَّارِقِ وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا الطَّارِقُ النَّجْمُ الثَّاقِبُ إِنْ كُلُّ نَفْسٍ لَمَّا عَلَيْهَا حَافِظٌ

    • 1. I swear by the heaven and the comer by night;
    • 2. And what will make you know what the comer by night is?
    • 3. The star of piercing brightness;
    • 4. There is not a soul but over it is a keeper.

    The sky and those which appear in the night—and what do you understand what those which appear in the night are? Shinning stars—bear witness that indeed there is no soul over which there is no guardian. (verses 1-4)

    In the first four verses, Allah Almighty Himself, Who is looking after and watching over every creature, big or small, in the earth and heavens. He it is Who has brought everything into existence, Who is maintaining and sustaining everything in its place and position, and Who has taken the responsibility to provide for every creature and to protect it from calamities till an appointed tune.

  • Verses 5-8: How Man is created is a Proof of Allah's Ability to Return Him to Him

    فَلْيَنظُرْ الْإِنسَانُ مِمَّ خُلِقَ خُلِقَ مِنْ مَاءٍ دَافِقٍ يَخْرُجُ مِنْ بَيْنِ الصُّلْبِ وَالتَّرَائِبِ إِنَّهُ عَلَى رَجْعِهِ لَقَادِرٌ

    • 5. So let man consider of what he is created:
    • 6. He is created of water pouring forth,
    • 7. Coming from between the back and the ribs.
    • 8. Most surely He is able to return him (to life).

    So, let man ponder on what he has been created from. He has been created from a spurting fluid that comes from between the bones of the back and the chest. Indeed He [– the Almighty –] is able to resurrect him. (verses 5-8)

    In the next four verses, an invitation has been extended to all disbelievers to meditate over the mysteries of creation. Man has not been created by some rare material which is beyond the reach of Allah but by a drop of water which gushes forth from within himself. Thus, when Allah is able to make a whole person from just a drop of water, He can surely resurrect the whole mankind on the Last Day and take account from everyone.

  • Verses 9-10: On the Day of Judgement, Man will have no Power or Assistance

    يَوْمَ تُبْلَى السَّرَائِرُ فَمَا لَهُ مِنْ قُوَّةٍ وَلَا نَاصِرٍ

    • 9. On the day when hidden things shall be made manifest,
    • 10. He shall have neither strength nor helper.

    On that day, when all secrets will be probed, then, neither will he have any might nor will he find any helper. (verses 9-10)

    The next two verses allude to the fact that Allah has full knowledge of what is in the hearts. All acts, however secretly conducted, shall be judged openly on the Last Day and no might or a helper will a person find at his disposal to escape the judgment pronounced.

  • Verses 11-17: Swearing to the Truthfulness of the Qur'an and the Failure of Those Who oppose it

    وَالسَّمَاءِ ذَاتِ الرَّجْعِ وَالْأَرْضِ ذَاتِ الصَّدْعِ إِنَّهُ لَقَوْلٌ فَصْلٌ وَمَا هُوَ بِالْهَزْلِ

    إِنَّهُمْ يَكِيدُونَ كَيْدًا وَأَكِيدُ كَيْدًا فَمَهِّلْ الْكَافِرِينَ أَمْهِلْهُمْ رُوَيْدًا

    • 11. I swear by the raingiving heavens,
    • 12. And the earth splitting (with plants);
    • 13. Most surely it is a decisive word,
    • 14. And it is no joke.
    • 15. Surely they will make a scheme,
    • 16. And I (too) will make a scheme.
    • 17. So grant the unbelievers a respite: let them alone for a

    This sky brimful of rain and the earth with splits bear witness that this is a decisive word and it is no jest. (verses 11-14)

    In verses eleven to fourteen, a combination of the celestial and the terrestrial phenomena is again mentioned to reinforce the warning of the Qur’an regarding the Day of Resurrection lest man should take it a pleasantry when it is inevitably going to take place.

    They are devising a plan and I am also scheming a plan. So, leave the disbelievers; leave them for a while. (verses 15-17)

    In the last three verses, the Prophet Muhammad (sws) is consoled that whatever the disbelievers are planning will be turned against them. The Almighty has laid down a firm plan which shall soon be executed to seize them and to bring them to justice.


Activities and worksheets for kids:

  • Memorize the surah.
  • Write surah At-Tariq in Arabic.
  • Write the meaning.
  • Write the paragraph and draw the system reproductive.


Let's hear surah At-Tariq and memorize it:

Listen to tafsir Surah At-Tariq:

Here are other links:


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Home Education Resources - April 2008

Islamic Studies



Language Arts



CPTV Family Science Expo 2008

We went to 2008 CPTV Family Science Expo in Hartford, on Thursday, April 24, 2008.

The Expo consisted of an Exhibit Hall with more than 40 booths of hands-on scientific activity, demonstrations, products an information, as well as a Science Theatre featuring dramatic, live science-oriented entertainment on stage.

Children learned that science is just plain fun!

Alhamdulillah, the children learned and had fun learning science in there.

There were so many science activities, such as

My youngest one only wanted to meet Curious George, her favorite games and The Garbage Man.

On the way, we didn't forget to pray Zuhur in the rest area, exit 14 off I-91.
We should teach our kids to pray in time whereever we go.

We got home at 5pm. My youngest played with the play putty, and the play putty got sticky in her long hair. She cried, I tried to take out the play putty slowly by putting some olive oil to her hair. It took an hour to do that. At the end, I washed her hair with warm water, then the play putty melted away.
Now, the hair's clear from play putty. Next time, please take care of play putty from the hair.

I was happy to meet other muslim families there. I hope that this field trip gave the knowledge and fun to all the kids.

Insha Allah, we are going again next year.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angels Munkar and Nakir

One of the kids was asking about angels (malaikat) Munkar and Nakir.

Please see this "Your Ticket has been Confirmed!"

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) informed us about the torture in the grave and the enjoyment therein, and the questioning by the two angels: Munkar and Nakir.

The torture in the grave, such as:

  • the harmful insects of the Earth will eat the dead bosies.
  • the Earth will close in on the dead bodies.
  • their graves will become like ditches of Hell.
  • ninety-nine poisonous dragons bite a non-Muslim in his grave; the dragons breathing air will destroy all verdure on earth. (Tirmidhi)
  • The punishment of an unbeliever is that, in his grave ninety-nine serpents will be biting him and each serpent will have seven heads. This will continue up to the Resurrection Day.

The enjoyment for believers in the grave, such as:

  • their graves to be lit up like the light of a full moon.
  • their graves to be widened seventy (70) cubits[1] by seventy (70) cubits.

The prophets, martyrs, and children (who died before pubescence) are exempted from the questioning in the grave.

There are some statements in Al Quran and in Hadiths about the situations after burial in grave (kubur).

In Al Qur'an

  • Allah says in verse Surah Al An'am (6:31) that on the resurrection day, the unbelievers will regret when they have to carry their burdens (ie., sins) on their backs.

    Ibn Kathir explains this bizarre situation (load) in this manner:
    Every unjust person, upon entering his grave, will meet a man with ugly face, dark skin and awful odour and wearing dirty clothes; on the resurrection day the unjust person will carry this ugly companion on his back to enter hell.

  • In verse Surah At Thur (52:47) there is punishment in this world or in the grave for who have done wrong.

  • In verse Surah As Sajdah (32:21) Allah specifies this additional punishment. In this verse (32:21) Allah says that He will made out lighter penalty in this life, before inflicting the supreme penalty hereafter.

  • In verse Surah Ghafir (40:11) the disbelievers will say, " Allah, You made us lifeless twice and gave us life twice, and we have confessed our sins. So is there to an exit any way?"

In Hadiths

  • Once people have buried a dead, and start departing, the dead man listens to the sounds of the shoes of his relatives after they have put him in his grave (Sahih Muslim)
    Then two angels come and speak to him.

    Sahih Muslim writes that after the burial in the grave, and after the mourners have left the burial site, two angels enter the grave and ask the dead person regarding Allah and Muhammad. If he were a non‑Muslim he would be shown his seat in hell fire. Once the angels are satisfied that the corpse is that of a Muslim, they expand the grave of the believer to seventy cubits, and he will be shown his place in paradise.

    The names of those two angels who interrogate the freshly‑buried corpse are Munkar and Nakir.

  • This hadiths says that Munkar and Nakir, the two angels of grave, have black faces and blue eyes. They will question a Muslim in his grave. When satisfied with the answers regarding Muhammad and Islam, these angels will increase the volume of the Muslim’s grave to 4900 cubic feet, light the grave, and instruct the Muslim to have a peaceful sleep. For a hypocrite his gravesides will be squeezed so much so, that his bones are crushed.

  • Allah even punishes those Muslims (in their graves), because of their family’s wailing over him (Sahih Muslim)

We have to believe that there will be questioning all our good and bad deeds in this world by two angels Munkar and Nakir.

This means that we have to believe the unseen, including the angels.

May Allah save us from the punishment of grave. Ameen.


Activities and Worksheets for kids:

  • Read and Learn about the pillars in Islam.
    You can find other informations in Muslim Home School in America
    To learn:

    • Five Pillars of Islam.

      • Saying Sahadah.
      • Sholat.
      • Zakat.
      • Sawm/Fasting in Ramadhan.
      • Hajj.

    • Principles of Belief in Islam:

      • Belief in Allah.
      • Belief in Angel.
      • Belief in Books of Allah.
      • Belief in Messengers of Allah.
      • Belief in Qadr.
      • Belief in Akhirah.

  • Write paragragh about the angels, dead, and in the grave.
  • Memorize surah Tabarak.


Home Education Resources - 4th week of April 2008

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Language Arts



Social Studies

Watch and Listen

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008 - Go Green Our Earth

April 22 is Earth Day 2008.

"And who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return your vision to the sky; do you see any breaks?"
(Al Qur'an Surah Al-Mulk 67:3)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us that, "All of the earth has been made to me as, like, a mosque."
So Islam teaches us the whole earth is made like a mosque. The earth is a sacred place, a holy place, so we should not act in a disrespectful way toward it. We should not abuse anything on the face of the earth.

And also we know that a hadith said, "There is an act of rewarded charity in every act of kindness that you do any living being on the earth."

For example when we are taking wudhu, the Prophet told us not to take more water than necessary, even if making wudu' in a running river or lake. Excessiveness (israf) is condemned by Allah and His Messenger.

We have to treat Allah's creation with mercy and gentleness.

Let's teach the kids to learn to save our earth and the environment.

Activities for Earth Day that you can do with your kids, such as:
  • You can do Ten Things to Save Our Earth

  • Worksheets and Activities for kids about Earth Day
  • finding worksheets from here, here, and here
  • minimal garbage.
  • using both sides of each piece of paper.
  • eco-themed assignments.
  • "green days" when plastic and aluminum were not allowed.
  • a recycling program.
  • planting flowers and plants.
  • learning about plants, animals, and their environment.
  • collecting batteries for Earth Day.
  • Earth Day Links for Kids, you'll find links to games and sites that tell more about how to help the environment.
  • To see how much water you can save, visit The Water Family Online Game.
  • watching the video save the polar bear in Save The Earth
  • You can find bad facts about our earth, plus 26 things you can do about them in Save Our Planet Earth.
  • Save our Earth and make a difference.
  • 7 Technologies that can save our earth.
  • Write paragraph about the Earth Day and How To Save Our Earth.


      Don't forget the 3-R for our Earth Day Celebration: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.
    • Monday, April 14, 2008

      Marvelous Scenes

      Taken from "The Battles of The Prophet" by Ibn Kathir page 85-87

      Ibn Ishaq said, "I have heard some stories about the digging of the trench in which there is an example of Allah's justifying His Messenger and confirming his prophetic office, things which the Muslims saw with their eyes."

      In the context, Al Bukhari narrated on the authority of Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) who said, "We were digging (the trench) on the day of Al-Khandaq (i.e., trench) and we came accros a big solid rock.

      We went to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said, 'Here is a rock appearing accros the trench.'

      He said, "I am coming down."

      Then he got up, and a stone was tied to his belly for we had not eaten anything for three days. So the Prophet (peace and blessingsf Allah be upon him) took the spade and struck the big solid rock and it became like sand.

      I said, 'O Allah's Messenger! Allow me to go home.' (When the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, allowed me) I said to my wife, 'I saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in a state that I cannot treat lightly.

      'Have you got something (for him to eat?)'

      She replied, 'I have barley and a she-goat.'

      So, I slaughtered the she-kid and she ground the barley; then we put the meat in the earthnware cooking pot.

      Then I came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of ALlah be upon him) when the dough had became soft and fermented and (the meat in) the pot over the stone trivet had nearly been well-cooked, and said, 'I have got a little food prepared, so he get up O Allah's Messenger, you and one or two men along with you (for the food).'

      The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) asked, 'How much is that food?'

      I told him about it. He said, 'It is abundant and good. Tell your wife not to remove the earthenware pot from the fire and not to take out any bread from the oven until I reach there.'

      Then he said (to all his Companions), 'Get up.'

      So, the Muhajirun and the Ansar got up.

      When I came to my wife, I said, 'Allah's peace be upon you! The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came along with the Muhajirun and the Ansar and those who were present with them.'

      She said, 'Did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ask you (how much food you had)?'

      I replied, 'Yes.'

      Then the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, 'Enter and do not throng.'

      The Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) started cutting the bread (into pieces) and put the cooked meat over it. He covered the earthenware pot and the pot whenever he took something out of them. He would give the food to his Companions and take the meat out of the pot. He went on cutting the bread and scooping the meat (for his Companions) untill they all ate their fill, and even then, some food remained. Then the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said (to my wife),

      'Eat and present to others as the people are struck with hunger.'"


      From another hadith that:

      "They were one thousand who took the meals, by Allah they all eat, and when they left the food and went away, the earthenware pot was still bubbling (full of meat) as if it had not decreased, our dough was still being baked as if nothing had been taken from it."


      My kids shared the story above after listening the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in masjid.
      From that story, we learn that we have to put trust in Allah and the power of dua.

      Insha Allah, you will share the story to your kids at home.

      To read more other miracle story:

      To listen lecture/MP3:

      Home Education Resources - 3rd week of April 2008

      Sunday, April 13, 2008

      Youth Retreat 2008: "Growing In Islam"

      The Youth Retreat in Masjid Al Islam, New Haven was on April 11-13, 2008, from 5 pm on Friday untill 9 am on Sunday.
      The kids slept over and learned about growing in Islam.

      There're so many programs, such as:

      • Islamic Arts at Darul Qur'an Building.
      • Health Workshop in Auditorium St Raphael Hospital.
      • Fire safety –Mobile fire house from Fire Departement.
      • Games and Races inside YMCA Building.
      • Arts and Craft activities, i.e. learn crochet.
      • MSA students/graduates-Discussion: Muslim Life on College Campus.
      • Watching Video Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
      • Stories Time and Games
      • Qiyamul Layl

      I think almost 100 muslim kids, who joined the Youth Retreat, was walking from masjid to YMCA in New Haven on that Saturday afternoon.

      They're from different states in New England: from New Jersey to Vermont.
      I heard one of kids said he is from Egypt when sister Matiniah Yahya, the director of Youth Retreat, was asking the kids who came from the farthest place.

      All the kids, who participated in this Youth Retreat, got the certificate that said "A member of the mighty, multicultural, multigenerational community of Muhammad (saaws)."

      I asked some questions to the kids who went to Youth Retreat.

      The answers, that I gathered, are as following:

      • Fun.
      • Learn to Listen.
      • Listen to Learn.
      • I'm going again next year.
      • Some kids need to socialize each other, especially teenagers to small kids.
      • Learn salah Qiyamul Layl or salah Tahajjud.
      • Make new friends.
      • Take shower at night.
      • I like everything but I don't like at night because I can not sleep good.
      • I am lucky having the best counselor.
      • Tired.
      • Sleepy.
      • Learn that some people have different point of views.
      • Learn that masjid is our home.
      • I thought masjid was scary place, but it was not.
      • Learn how to pray.
      • Unity
      • Tawhid
      • Sisterhood and Brotherhood.
      • Learn about germ.
      • Learn about manners
      • Learn some Arabic words.
      • I learned that fire fighters help us.
      • The prophet Muhammad was having hard time to spread Islam.

      Overall, the kids said, "We are going back again next year, Insha Allah."

      Insha Allah, the kids learned more about our religion and got benefits from the Youth Retreat programs.

      Special Thank to all the Director, Asisstants, Staffs, Counselors, Volunteers, and Sponsors.
      May Allah rewards for all you have done to our Muslim Kids, our next generation.

      Friday, April 11, 2008

      Alif Dal Mim

      One of my friends called me this morning. She told me about her new muslim friend asking her that "Do you know what is Alif Dal Mim?"
      My friend said, "No,I never heard that."

      Her friend answered that:

      • Alif is for standing up in salah.
      • Dal is for bowing in salah.
      • Mim is for sujud.

      Another meaning of Alif Dal Mim is for Prophet Adam (AS), the first prophet.
      She also said, "Alif Dal Mim is also for All Dear Mankind."

      I think this is just for fun to learn the Arabic letters.

      To learn more Arabic Alphabet:


      For more links, please see Ikhlas Homeschool: Arabic

      Monday, April 7, 2008

      Seven Wonders of the World

      "It is He who has created for you (the faculties) of hearing, sight, feeling and understanding: little thanks you give."
      (Al Qur'an, surah Al Mu'minun 23: 78)

      Seven Wonders

      A group of Geography students studied The Seven Wonders of the World.

      At the end of that session, the students were asked to list what they think were considered to be the present Seven Wonders of the World.

      Though there was some disagreement, the following got the most votes:

      While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student, a quiet girl, hadn't turned in her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list.

      The quiet girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many."

      The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help."

      The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the Seven Wonders of the World are:

      • 1) to touch
      • 2) to taste
      • 3) to see
      • 4) to hear

      She hesitated a little more, and then

      • 5) to feel
      • 6) to laugh
      • 7) and to love

      Then there was the room so full of silence it was deafening! It is far too easy for us to look at the exploits of man and refer to them as "wonders" while we overlook all the Almighty has done for us, regarding them as merely "ordinary".

      May we be reminded today of those things which are truly wonderous that the GENEROUS CREATOR has given; that we take for granted !

      Author: Uknown


      Let's teach our kids to say thank and praise to Allah in any situation, any time, any place.... Alhamdulillah.

      I remembered Khutbah on Jumuah prayer, It was about Jannah/Paradise.
      Muslim can not go to paradise because of his/her good deed only. Muslim need mercy from Allah to go to paradise.

      Some of the mercy that we get such as,

      • we can do our pray five times a day.
      • we can memorize the surah in Al Quran.
      • we can give charity to needy and orphan.
      • we can build the masjid, school, hospital.
      • we can go to hajj.
      • we can do all good deeds that Allah commands and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

      May Allah give us mercy all the time.
      Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

      Activities and worksheet for kids:

      To hear the videos:

      Home Education Resources - 2nd week of April 2008


      Home Education Resources for this week are as following:

      Friday, April 4, 2008

      Learn to memorize Dua (supplication)

      And when My servant ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me, indeed I am near. I respond the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.
      (Al Quran, Surah Al Baqarah 2:186)

      Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The supplication of one of you is granted if he does not grow impatient and say, I supplicated my Lord but it was not granted.
      (Hadith: Muslim)



      Yesterday, one of the kids who came to me asked about supplication or du'a.
      I hope that the kids will learn some of this good du'a at home.

      You will need to read
      or "The Ettiquette of Du'a.

      May Allah increase us in knowledge. Ameen.

      There are supplications or du'a that good for kids to memorize, as following:

      To watch the lovely videos:

      Insha Allah, the kids will enjoy and learn to memorize some of the duas.

      My youngest son memorized Surah Al Imran ayah 190 to 200
      last week.
      Alhamdulillah, Allah give him mercy to memorize.

      May Allah give us mercy to be close to Allah. Ameen.

      Tuesday, April 1, 2008