Sunday, April 13, 2008

Youth Retreat 2008: "Growing In Islam"

The Youth Retreat in Masjid Al Islam, New Haven was on April 11-13, 2008, from 5 pm on Friday untill 9 am on Sunday.
The kids slept over and learned about growing in Islam.

There're so many programs, such as:

  • Islamic Arts at Darul Qur'an Building.
  • Health Workshop in Auditorium St Raphael Hospital.
  • Fire safety –Mobile fire house from Fire Departement.
  • Games and Races inside YMCA Building.
  • Arts and Craft activities, i.e. learn crochet.
  • MSA students/graduates-Discussion: Muslim Life on College Campus.
  • Watching Video Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Stories Time and Games
  • Qiyamul Layl

I think almost 100 muslim kids, who joined the Youth Retreat, was walking from masjid to YMCA in New Haven on that Saturday afternoon.

They're from different states in New England: from New Jersey to Vermont.
I heard one of kids said he is from Egypt when sister Matiniah Yahya, the director of Youth Retreat, was asking the kids who came from the farthest place.

All the kids, who participated in this Youth Retreat, got the certificate that said "A member of the mighty, multicultural, multigenerational community of Muhammad (saaws)."

I asked some questions to the kids who went to Youth Retreat.

The answers, that I gathered, are as following:

  • Fun.
  • Learn to Listen.
  • Listen to Learn.
  • I'm going again next year.
  • Some kids need to socialize each other, especially teenagers to small kids.
  • Learn salah Qiyamul Layl or salah Tahajjud.
  • Make new friends.
  • Take shower at night.
  • I like everything but I don't like at night because I can not sleep good.
  • I am lucky having the best counselor.
  • Tired.
  • Sleepy.
  • Learn that some people have different point of views.
  • Learn that masjid is our home.
  • I thought masjid was scary place, but it was not.
  • Learn how to pray.
  • Unity
  • Tawhid
  • Sisterhood and Brotherhood.
  • Learn about germ.
  • Learn about manners
  • Learn some Arabic words.
  • I learned that fire fighters help us.
  • The prophet Muhammad was having hard time to spread Islam.

Overall, the kids said, "We are going back again next year, Insha Allah."

Insha Allah, the kids learned more about our religion and got benefits from the Youth Retreat programs.

Special Thank to all the Director, Asisstants, Staffs, Counselors, Volunteers, and Sponsors.
May Allah rewards for all you have done to our Muslim Kids, our next generation.