Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who Is Our Best Friend?


There are 5 types of Our Best friend:

1. Our best friend is like Oxygen.
You can not live without oxygen.
You need him all the time in happiness or in sadness.
He is your very best companion.
He always likes you and be with you.

2. Our best friend is like Food .
Your best friend is always beneficial to you.
He always supports you.
We always need friends that support us.
The same thing that we need foods because we need to eat.

3.Our best friend is like Medicine.
This kind of friend is bitter.
You only need a friend in your difficulty time.

4. Our best friend is like Wine.
He gives you a good taste but he is harming you.
He is good and always talks nice but he is never productive.

5. Our best friend is like Hammer.
He gives you bitter taste, harmful , and destructive.

You should not have best friends who are not pious/religious.
Your friends or your family will be destructive if they are not religious.
The relationship should base upon aqidah of our religion.

If you love for the sake of Allah, you have to respect in according to Islam manner.
If Allah loves you, He will give you good friends.

There is no perfection but we have to try to reach the perfection.
We correct ourself and our surronding according to the religion.

Our friends should always give good advices.
Do not forget to give good advices to non Muslim, too.

Please read in Tafsir Ibn Kathir-Quran Tafsir

There is about Teaching Guide: Being Friends for Grade K-5


Five ayahs from Al Quran that Syeikh gave last week are as following:

1. Surah 2: 155-156
This struggle will provide you with many opportunities to test your own mettle. You may encounter wars and massacres and also be confronted with scarcity of food and loss of life and property or with devastation of fields and orchards. Such ordeals may take place but ultimately those who remain steadfast and do not waver in their commitment to establish Allah Almighty 's System, will be successful. They meet every challenge saying: "We have dedicated ourselves to the establishment of the Divine System and come what may we will continue advancing towards that goal". (Surah AL Baqarah, 155-156)

Quran today: Surah 2: 155-156

2. Surah 3: 173-174
"No harm touched them" since they say "Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector." (Surat Ali-'Imran: 173-174).

Paradise in Al Quran by Harun Yahya

3. Surah 21:83-84
And Ayyub when he called out to his Lord, "Great harm has afflicted me and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful," We responded to him and removed from him the harm which was afflicting him and restored his family to him, and the same again with them, as a mercy direct from Us and a Reminder to all worshippers. (Qur'an, 21:83-84)

Allah's Miracle in the Quran

4. Surah 21:87
And Zan-Noon (Jonah, "the one with an `N' in his name"), abandoned his mission in protest, thinking that we could not control him. He ended up imploring from the darkness (of the big fish's belly): "There is no god other than You. Be You glorified. I have committed a gross sin." (Quran, 21:87)

5. Surah 40:44
"Some day you will remember what I am telling you now. I leave the judgment of this matter to GOD; GOD is the Seer of all the people." (Quran, 40:44)

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