Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Learn About Tawheed

Allah--Ta'ala--has said:
"I have not created jinn and mankind except to serve Me."
(Quran 51:56)

This week , we have some worksheets and other links, as following:

Islamic Studies:
1. Islamic Games Words Search for Kids:
Islamic Games Words Search

2. Article Fundamentals of Tawheed:

Book of Tawheed and
Learn about Tawheed

3. Story of Sahabah:
Abdullah Ibn Sailam

1. Printables Arabic Learning Materials:
Yemenlinks: Arabic Resources

2. Learn Arabic in level 1, 2, and 3.
Babel: Learn Arabic

1. Addition single digit for grade K-2 (just click the Free one if you are not member)
Math Addition

2. Addition decimal problems of single digit and tenth for grade 3-5 (just click the Free)
Math: Decimals

Language Arts:
1. Conconants blends bl- and br- for grade 1-2 (just click the Free one)
Language Arts: Consonant blends

2. Game Words: Bookworms (this is my favorite kids game words)
Words Games

1. Read about Young Scientist who won $20,000 scholarship, Nolan Kamitaki.
Science News for kids org

2. Label me printout, about General Biology.
Label Biology

1. National Geography for Kids: Games, Videos, Activities, and Stories.
National Geographic: Games, etc.

2. Where is Bali Island in the world?
All About Bali Island
and Bali map

Jokes of the week:

Reluctantly, a mother agreed to let her son move into the basement so he could have his own room. Soon she realized one advantage of this. Instead of yelling for him to come to breakfast, she would flip the light switch, and he would come running to breakfast.

One morning the mother flicked the switch, but her son did not promptly appear. She flicked the light on and off several times. Finally the son shouted, "I'm on my way. You didn't have to yell."

Have Happy Homeschooling Day to all of you.