Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What About Homework?


I just read this article What About Homework? by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D.

I quote some of sentences from the article:

"Research has found that the amount of homework students have does not correlate with performance on achievement tests. Some districts are now pushing for more meaningful assignments and setting limits on the amount of homework kids have to reduce kids’ stress and increase family time."

The articles above is the homework problem in the public school.
Now, how is our homeschooling kids doing in their homeworks? Too many or too low.
Too many homeworks, the kids get stress and don't have enough family time.
In homeschooling, we do have alot of time with our kids. The family time is not a problem for us.

I think, Homeschoolers mom are more wise and should be the best teacher for their own kids. This is the reason why we are doing homeschooling.

Each kid is special. We never teach each kids in the same way.
Some kids need more homeworks and the other kids don't need alot of homeworks.

Some time, We take day homeworks, but we are doing outside homeworks.
Field trip is one way to do homeworks, too.
You don't have to go to museum or special place.
Going to Bank while you are doing something in the bank is field trip, too.
Visiting our family or friends is field trip, too.
Going to masjid is field trip, too.
The kids will learn the real world outside...

I remember when we went to Bank to do the wire transfer. My kids in the same time asked about the process in the bank to the bank managers there.
It was suprised me that they learned so many thing just for 30 minutes in the Bank. They learned and had fun in the same time. They got candy, too. Sometimes, I asked them to write the stories what they had learnt.

Here’s a terrific article about Homework for parents and educators. You can read in
Is Your Child’s Homework Worth Doing?
By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller.

What do you think?
Please share your experience.