Tuesday, November 13, 2007

American Math Competition 8


Today, we went to Avon Public Library. My three children were in that competition.
At 11 AM, we got there. It took an hour driving car. Alhamdulillah, we found the library.

We waited inside the library, in children section. At 11:37Am, It's sholat Zuhur time.
I asked the librarian there to have the permission if we can pray in that corner.
She said , " Of course you can."
Alhamdulillah, we did pray inside library.

At 12PM, We went inside the community Room to get ready for the test.
It's about 17 kids.

They started at 12:15PM.

While I waited the kids having the test, My youngest daughter and I went to children section again for an hour.

At 1:15PM, I went down to the test room. I met the person who in charge for this competition, sister Jean Henares. She is from Philippine. She has 4 children. One of her children is the winner of Spelling Bee for the third place in US.
It's nice to meet her. She reminds me about my old friend, Lizzy in New York. I miss her.

Insha Allah, I will let you know who is the winner in December.
The main thing is that they try their best. I love my kids so much.

We plan to do the Spelling Bee and Math counts in January 2008.
The Geo Bee, we will not join on this Friday. Insha Allah, next year.

All my children were very tired. They slept early after praying Isha at 5:54PM.
I knew that they have learned so many thing today.
This is what they said about the contest.
Math is kind of fun in the contest.
The bad part is about the time when you realize it is only 40 minutes for 25 problems.
The best part is the multiple choice.

I hope this experince, it will useful for the next year AMC8 and other competition