Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poem: "Please Don't Leave Me Alone"

by Hanafi kids Family

I am alone;
Because nobody accompanies Me.

I am dusty;
Because nobody touches Me.

I am useless;
Because nobody understands Me.

I am lonely;
Because nobody reads Me.

I am rusty;
Because nobody memorizes Me.

I am sad;
Because nobody loves Me.

I am happy;
Because everybody reads, understands, and memorizes Me.

If you learn and teach about Me to others.
I will be your friend in the grave until you arrive in paradise.


This is poem that my kids wrote about the dusty Al Qur'an.
The poem made when we were in masjid found the dusty Al Qur'an.
You maybe find the dusty Al Qur'an in your own house, in drawer, or in bookshelf.

May Allah always bless us to learn, read, memorize, understand, and teach Al Quran.

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