Monday, December 3, 2007

The Miracle of Honey

The Prophet SAW has also told us of the healing found within honey for a variety of medical problems, including stomach ailments.

It is reported by Al-Bukhaari that a man came to the Prophet because his brother had a stomach disorder.

The Prophet SAW said: "Let him drink honey."

The man returned a second time complaining that no improvement happened in his brother’s case, and again the Prophet responded: "Let him drink honey."

The man returned again, and said: "I have done that but to no avail."

Thereupon the Prophet responded: "Allaah has said the truth, but your brother's stomach has told a lie. Let him drink honey."
He drank it and was cured.

When my kids get coughing, I give them honey and lemon to drink as medicine.

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