Saturday, December 8, 2007

Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain

First, I would like to share the result of the AMC8 test which the kids took last month. The kids, who are all not even 8th grade yet, tried their best on that test. Now, they will need to learn more for next year again. I think they did very good for the first time. The youngest boy who is 4th grade did try to take the test even this test is for 8th grade. Insha Allah, next year they will do it more better than this year.

Second thing, today, I share with my kids about story of the great masjid of Cordoba.
The masjid is so beautiful and huge.
The kids asked why did beautiful masjid become the church, now?
I told them, it because the Ummah Islam did not worshipping Allah and making dakwa on that time. The Ummah Islam were busy about dunia instead of remembering Allah and worshipping Allah.
This history showed to us about the failure of Islam on that time.

The mosque of Cordoba lies in the historic heart of the city, and is one of the most beautiful examples of Muslim art in the whole of Spain.
The Moslem emir Abderrahman I ordered construction of the temple in the year 785 on the ruins of the old Visigoth church of St. Vincent.
During the centuries that followed the Mosque underwent several changes.
Abderrahman III ordered a new minaret, while Alhaken II, in 961, enlarged the plan of the building and the mihrab was decorated.
The last of the reforms was carried out by Almanzor in 987.
As a result of all the work, the interior of the building is a myriad of row upon row of beautiful columns and horseshoe arches.

In 1523, following the Christian conquest, the cathedral was built inside. Of note here are the main reredos, the Baroque reredos and the mahogany choir stalls. The mihrab is one of the most notable in the whole of the Muslim world, and is the most noble part of the mosque. The interior decoration is full of Byzantine mosaics and marble. The Naranjos courtyard serves as an entry point.

The Mosque of Cordoba is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Muslim art.
By entering will be immersed in a veritable forest of columns and arches in the colors and shadows play a prominent role.

After the reconquest, with the new power in Cordoba, the Christians built a Gothic cathedral in the heart of the delicate craft of the mosque.

Now the mosque become the church.

Let's come to masjid and help build masjid, to make the community Muslim better.

May Allah make our kids love coming to the masjid and praying jamaah in the masjid.
Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

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