Saturday, June 21, 2008

Homeschool Families Gathering

On Thursday, June 19, we had Homeschool Families Gathering in one of sisters from the group. The families were from different cities, different backgrounds, different ethnics, different languages, different point of views, different way of teaching kids, different ages, differents taste, etc. We came together because we were all Muslim and were homeschooling our kids.

Alhamdulillah, we were having fun. The kids were busy:
  • played together,
  • talked about their homeschool,
  • got to know each other,
  • played ball,
  • played jungle gym,
  • and at the end, the kids got wet because of playing water.
    (They love to play water in this summer.)

The kids got along each other even some of them were never meet each other.

Insha Allah, We will have next gathering in other place.

These were some of the discussions that we talked about:
  • A sister will plan to have field trip a fruit picking soon.
  • Some sisters were organizing Al Mustaqbal Islamic Homeschool Cooperative. This is very good idea. The families, who have kids in eight grade in Islamic School, have problem to find out the place for continuing their school after eight grade. Insha Allah, this is the answer of their problem now, the Islamic Homeschool Coop.
  • Other sister would like to have small halaqah once a week.
  • Other wants to have meet once a month.
  • Other wants to stay home most of the time to teach the kids at home.
  • etc.

Thank you for the sister who was hosting this gathering for us in her house. The foods were so delicious. I think we should have cooking class with her next time. Insha Allah...What do you think?

May Allah give you alot of rewards. Ameen.